DDIY [ Don't Do It Yourself ]

It's hard to believe that the day has come to start the process of opening a second store! With all the excitement + anticipation, it's easy to put things in full gear the first moment possible. Mood boards are created, paint swatches fill the walls, demolition begins, + the never ending trips to your local hardware store commence.

"I can make that myself!" dismally morphs into "this will never get done in time..."

It starts to set in how close we are to the opening and panic sets in. Take a deep breath, you're not alone. Luckily, you have the worlds most amazing girlboss + friend by your side to keep spirits high. She picks up a brush and doesn't stop until it's finished. 

As mid-October creeps around the corner, I can breath a little easier knowing that we have each other to lean on. 

So, this is just a reminder that when that moment in yourself where you feel your breath go shallow and you're paralyzed from anxiety... it's okay to lean on someone. Who knows... maybe they need someone too.


"Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this meeting

that a new world is born."


-Anais Nin


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